New: Document upload in the customer master data

Since the beginning of July 2022 you can upload documents (pdf, jpg, png) in the customer master data. You can access the “Document history” via the “Documents” tab. At the top left you will find the “Create new upload” button. Please always assign an “Upload title”. Another new feature is that all entries can be deleted via the dustbin icon. The authorisation results from the user right “Delete documents”. If you have any questions, please contact Etacs Support.

Suppression of VAT for margins

As of today ETACS offers the possibility to mark a price line as taxable but with the add on (marge). This functionality suppresses the VAT on all pdf documents and is needed because of a change to the margin taxation mandated by the EU. Please consult your tax laywer for further questions. The accounting side will correctly report the VAT chosen, only the PDF documents will show 0% VAT. Airplus transactions will follow in the coming days.

Changes to service fees due to Brexit

The Brexit can mean differences to the tax regime of your service fees for travel after 01.01.2021. For a limited period of time ETACS will offer both EU and third country fees for B2B customers in the UK. Pleas consult your accounting or your tax laywer which fee to chose.

New dynamic report

Starting 06.04.2017 Etacs will provide a new dynamic report under “Reporting -> Dynamic report”.

With this new feature you can search either customers, bookings or services and add them to a “shopping basket”. That shopping basket can then be handed over to the other reporting types or exported to .csv.