Master Data Management


Management of master data, settings and configurations

The ETACS system complies with any invoicing tool requirements including the maintenance of tour operator data – from types of products, and cancellation conditions to individual commission scales.

Address Management

  • Free definable types of addresses, salutations, customer categories, academic titles
  • Customer based fee groups
  • Selection of marketing criteria
  • Implying of booking history
  • Substantial event management (entering entire customer contacts)
  • Document management with reprint tool
  • Adjustable rules for CRM actions such as automatic SMS prior to departure, Welcome Back letter, birthday greetings, christmas cards, newsletters via e-mail, fax, letters etc.
  • Combination of criterias of customers, bookings, events, marketing
  • Export of data to fullfilment center or lettershop possible
  • Automatic reminder as to overdue tasks etc.
  • Integrated tables for 3-letter-codes, bank codes, zip codes, airline 2-letter-codes, individual chart of accounts, etc.
  • Tour operator base: types of products, canellation conditions and commission scales, suggestions for account allocations
  • payment due dates, types of payment, and many more fine tunings.

Booking Management

  • Manual data entry possible
  • Automatic calculation of fees and cancellation fees
  • Recording of customer payments: manual, EC- Cash, Online, online credit card payments or bank draft
  • Unlimited no. of prices per service, unlimited no. of participants, and services per booking
  • Detail masks for various types of services (flight, hotel, rental car, packages, insurance, ferry, transfer, bus etc.)
  • Control of option bookings
  • Creating bid packaging possible
  • Assignment of single customers to single services possible
  • Travel document management
  • E-Mail or fax and printing of: offer, reservation, booking confirmation, delivery note, invoice
  • Travel documents (voucher, ticket deposit, etc.), itinerary, cover letter for travel documents and many more
  • Many more document types, fax, SMS etc.
  • Affiliate system with own affiliate letterhead
  • Automatic fees upon import of data from GDS/CRS
  • Discount system
  • Commission system and commission settlement for sub-offices and travel agents
  • Substantial management of user and right groups
  • Client and affiliate ability
  • Free definable statistics and CRM criteria
  • Table of currencies
  • Follow-up system: free deadlines, deadlines based on customer or booking
  • E-mail signatures, e-signatures
  • Direct interface to travel insurance providers
  • Bank draft
  • Direct connection to credit card providers (PCI DSS compliant)
  • free definable fax, mail, text modules (based on tour operators and bookings), service price texts and many more.
  • Offer management
  • Multi-lingual software, user based definable. Individual language/text management
  • Interfaces to CRS/GDS: Amadeus, AmadeusRail, Atlantis, Aurora, BTN, Buma, Elvia, ERV, EtacsFerry, Galileo,GalileoRail, GTA, HMV,, IrisPlus, Kuschick, MagicRes, Merlin, Onesto, ratiosoft, Sabre, Toma,
    TomaIrisPlus, Traffics, Traveltainment, Turista, Worldspan, Ypsilon